A fleet of nine keen Vortex sailors, from as far as London and Glasgow, arrived on Saturday at Yorkshire Dales Sailing Club to a mirror-like reservoir. Not the usual for Grimwith! We democratically elected to pass on racing and watched the Blazes have a drift race whilst relaxing in the hot tubs hired for the weekend.

The annual curry was accompanied by suitable refreshments and a group even decided to walk around the 4 1/2 mile reservoir to work it off.

Sunday morning arrived with a good force 2, and the first of the 4 races saw Neil (I only sail once a year) Spink sailing into the lead not to be challenged.  Jonathan Lister (I only sail twice a year) came in second with Angus Winchester following close.

The wind increased and we had a force 3 (fabulous trapeezing conditions) for the next 3 races.

The second race showed that Jonathan Lister was back to last years form, with Phil Whitehead forgetting how to sail and tripping over his spinnaker sheets, by taking a win from Phil. Neil was third with John Turley (I've just bought this boat) third.

Phil Whitehead realising he had just bought a new sail (a rare event) decided he had better put it to good use and romped away in a freshening breeze. Mick Collins was also on great form showing good speed coming a creditable second.

The last race was won by Mick Collins (my first open race win!) with Phil coming second, followed by Neil Spink. Racing was very close all day having 4 different race winners.

So Phil Whitehead was the Northern Champion, who put it down the new sail! Many thanks to Mike Saul for the 2 days race officering with great turn around with the Blaze fleet... and supplying the new sail!

The fleet moves to Rutland for the Nationals on 26-27 October.

Overall Results:

1st Phil Whitehead (Yorkshire Dales SC) 5pts
2nd Jonathan Lister (Yorkshire Dales SC) 7pts
3rd Neil Spink (Yorkshire Dales SC) 7pts
4th Mick Collins (Yorkshire Dales SC) 8pts
5th John Turley (Yorkshire Dales SC) 12pts
6th Angus Winchester (Castle Semple SC) 14pts
7th Jonathan Carter (Rickmansworth SC) 17pts
8th Steve Cochrane (Castle Semple SC) 23pts
9th Ed Corteen (Pennine SC) 24pts