Demo Sail Contacts

If you are tempted by a Vortex probably the best way to find out just how exciting the boat can be is to arrange a demonstration sail with one of our class association members. This is the perfect opportunity to see a Vortex close up and potentially have a go for yourself! Our Reps are located at clubs all over the UK and in some locations there are multiple Vortexes which gives a unique opportunity for sailing in company! You never know, our Area Reps may even be able to pass on some hints and tips for what to look for!

Please remember that the contacts listed below are private individuals, so they may not be available 24/7! To contact a Rep please click on their name and select contact form.

Area Reps




 South East & London

 Wilsonian SC



 Stokes Bay SC  Nick Ireland

 South West

 Lympstone SC (Summer) / Starcross YC (Winter)

 Jim Trice


 Pennine SC

 Ed Corteen


 Yorkshire Dales SC  Phil Whitehead




 Castle Semple SC (Glasgow)

 Angus Winchester