A Jo Richards design - The Vital Statistics

Will it fit into the dinghy park? YES! It takes up no more space than a typical laser, Enterprise or Musto Skiff! See below for the full details 





 Mast height




 Hull weight


 Mainsail area


 Spinnaker area


Note: Asymmetric spinnaker is optional.

 Two daggerboards

The symmetrical daggerboards are canted inwards and angled forwards to help induce twist. The windward foil is vertical when the hull skims the surface and is designed to act as a gybing board; at the same time the leeward foil generates vertical lift -  ingenious!

 Low Friction

The uniquely slim tunnel hull form of the Vortex hull combined with high aspect foils gives a very low wetted surface area, especially when flying a hull. Less drag = more speed!

 More Leverage

Righting moment is a function of weight and distance from the centre of buoyancy. Due to the tunnel hull, the centre of buoyancy moves to leeward when the Vortex heels, dramatically increasing the righting moment. More righting moment means that the full power of the rig can be applied, even in stronger winds.


"Handling is direct, precise and incredibly responsive .. this boat was designed for me!"  
Phil Whitehead , National Champion 2005,10-13.